Have your memories preserved in a beautiful lasting keepsake! You have many options to select from for your special heirloom.

Bridal bouquet flower preservation, corsage flower preservation, bridesmaids bouquet preservation

Imagine being able to display your vibrant flowers housed in a one-of-a-kind keepsake, bubble frame or shadow box and remember the one day that was all about you. Imagine being able to show your grown children something you held many years ago and your flowers are looking as stunning, colorful and representative of your everlasting love, just as they did on that magical day. You also have the option to give a bloom from your bouquet as a gift to the bridesmaids parents, grandparents or other special people in a stylish ornament.

Destination Wedding: Send them home with whoever comes home first, in a carry-on. Alternatively, have the hotel put your bouquet in a fridge until you’re ready to come home and bring them in a carry-on.Due to the fact that flowers in your bouquet are not rooted, you are less likely to experience any issues at the border.

Baby mementos preservation, birth commemoration

Always remember that special first birth day with a few flowers preserved with baby mementos. Makes a spectacular gift!

Memorial bouquet preservation, funeral flower arrangement preservation

Your loved ones will be remembered always, encased with a memoriam card and pictures, flowers and keepsakes in a beautiful shadow box or bubble frame. Preserve flowers from family and friends.

Other Special Occasions:

Anniversaries, Milestones, Grand Openings, Farewells, Graduation, Bar mitzvahs, Birthdays, Baptisms, Holidays, Funerals, Anything Baby

Any special occasion you want to remember, we will preserve it tastefully and beautifully.