You will need a container a little larger than the bouquet.

For Flowers/Bouquets in green oasis (foam) pour some water onto the foam then shake off the excess water.  The flowers do not need to be sitting in a pool of water.

For Flowers/Bouquets that are hand tied with the exposed stems, a wet paper towel and plastic bag will need to be wrapped around the bottom of the stems.

Spray the flowers with water then place in large plastic bag.  Before you seal the bag, blow a bit of air into it so the flowers are not touching the bag.

Line your box/container with ziplocks filled with ice or ice packs. DO NOT USE DRY ICE.

Place newspaper over the ice so it is not touching the flowers.  Fill the rest of the box with crumpled paper or Styrofoam chips or crumpled plastic grocery bags so the flowers don’t move around.

If you have any memorabilia that you would like to add, please place it in a place on top of the flowers.

Please be sure that your name, address, email and phone number is included in the box.

We also need a deposit that can be e-transferred, called in with a credit card or you may include a cheque in the box with the flowers.

You’re good to go. Seal the box and send it using an overnight courier such as Greyhound or Fed Ex.

Please send the package to:

Bloom & Memories Flower Preserving

3715-10 ave nw. T6L2L2