About us

It all started when Carol’s daughter, Nikki, married in 2005 and both mother and daughter were determined to find a way to keep her precious, stunning arrangement preserved although neither had even heard of that being an option. Over the long weekend, the flowers started to brown and somehow as fate would have it, Carol clicked a link that seemingly prompted her to call a number.
The lady Carol ended up speaking to was a flower preserver and about to retire. She asked if Carol and Nikki would be interested in learning the business and taking over the craft. After careful consideration, Carol and Nikki embarked on a new business, built on a dream that every bride be afforded the opportunity to preserve her flowers forever.
It has been over 10 years since mother and daughter founded Bloom & Memories. The business has grown into a carefully organized, client-oriented, professional service with a plethora of preservation options for keepsakes and flowers of any special occasion from births, weddings and baptisms to memorials and anniversaries.
Proudly serving all of Western Canada despite being a home-based business, Carol and Nikki have focused on offering an intimate setting that allows each client to receive personalized and detailed attention at all times.
“Thank you to everyone who has made Bloom & Memories Flower Preserving what it is today! We are grateful to be able to have such fulfilling work, preserving memories of all kinds for new and returning clients. Your support fills our hearts and we look forward to creating many more wonderful keepsakes in the years to come.”